About the Winder Wonderland DNA Project

The WinderDNA project is a community of genealogy researchers specializing in family trees of Winder / Winders / Wynder and related spellings. Together we try to help each other

  • Uncover possible connections through DNA samples
  • Climb over brick walls
  • Dispel myths perpetuated by undocumented trees published on the web or elsewhere
  • Provide an online database to keep track of our studies and to aid and attract other researchers

The DNA part of the research was originally based on samples sent to the FTDNA testing service. At that time we accepted only Y-DNA tests of male participants and analyzed those samples to sort out the various Winder et al trees. Since then, we have also accepted Family Finder tests from both male and female participants in our analyses. The results of our studies are published online along with a database of trees provided by our participants and enlarged by our analysis and further research.

It has become obvious over time that the contribution of all Winder et al researchers is valuable whether or not DNA is provided. Our database has attracted attention of researchers outside of the DNA project, many of whom have added to and/or corrected what we have posted.


The Winder Wonderland data collection can be found on our Genealogy pages. But please note: This data is documented where noted, but not documented otherwise. Please do not take undocumented genealogical information as the final word unless it is documented, no matter where you find it!

We have collected and written articles about our ancestors, which you can find in our library.


Please do not copy any of this material without our permission. We have quoted fellow researchers liberally, with their permission, and only they have the right to publish their material.

Please note that the administrators are volunteer genealogists, and are not paid by the chosen testing lab, Family Tree DNA.


To add DNA samples to this project, go to our FTDNA join page.


For those who cannot afford testing costs, our project has "scholarships" to help get their data into the database.  To donate to the scholarship fund, go to our FTDNA donate page.