Our website team

Three of us keep this website going, but we have the assistance of many contributors to the site who keep us honest, add to the trees, and provide research and documents.  We could not get to where we are without so many Winder et al researchers helping us out!

View up the Delaware River (New Hope, PA to the left, Lambertville to the right, hidden by trees) and John Winder, Goat Hill, Lambertville, NJ

John Winder is a founding member and our ambassador, hunting down living Winders

He is a retired USAF enlisted flight crew member and US government analyst.  His interest in genealogy was first piqued when he helped his father look up family information in the University of Maryland's 'special collection' in the early 1980s.  He maintains an extensive public Winder family tree on ('Descendants of Thomas Winder (1680-1731)") which includes his father, Robert Lee Winder.


Amy Winder is the website administrator and a budding genealogist

She is a retired engineer who worked in the semi-conductor industry researching and developing optical solutions for the fabrication of memory devices then later in the enterprise printer industry testing firmware and developing software tools.  Her mother and aunt (Ann Winder) have done a tremendous amount of work researching their ancestors and filling in the family tree for both of her parents.  She appreciates this work and would like to maintain and possibly move the remainder of it onto the web.  Her grandfather was Claude Veyne Winder, PhD. a descendent of James Winders.  Also, despite being married twice she kept her birth name and even passed it onto to her daughter.


Ann Winder was a founding member where she acted as the webmaster and project originator

She is a retired computer professional / data modeler who worked with accounts at GM, AT&T, Banco de Desarollo de Mexico, and many others.  Her interest in genealogy began when she inherited notes from her beloved Nana about the family tree.  Retiring to a fifth wheel trailer allowed her to follow the family roots in person for some years.  She now lives in Walla Walla, Washington near one of her daughters, a granddaughter and a great-granddaughter enjoying four generations of family nearby!  She has enlisted the help of her niece, Amy Winder, to take on the technical duties of running the website so that she can have more time to relax in the later years of her retirement.  Her father was Claude Veyne Winder, PhD. a descendent of James Winders.


Deven Winders Lewis was a founding member and our determined researcher

Unfortunately she passed away in May of 2020 after a battle with cancer.  She had retired earlier to Utah after a business management career in the West in the oil industry and publishing, then in law as a paralegal.  Her passion for genealogy began in 1992 with the encouragement of a Winders first cousin who was on the hunt for their shared Winders 3rd great grandfather.  The ancestor was found and, with the input of Ann Winder and John Winder’s father, a branch connection was made in 1994 to Thomas Winder (1680-1731), later supported by DNA testing.  Deven enjoyed working with researchers of any experience level to help find their “missing link” through research and DNA testing.  Her obituary can be found here.