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About the Winder Tree(s)

Currently, the database includes over 10,000 people and has five distinct branches/trees:

  1. Thomas Winder (1680-London to 1734-NJ) and Sarah Bull to Robert Lee Winder, Randy L. Winder and others.
  2. James Winders (1785-PA to 1840-Ohio) to Claude Veyne Winder, PhD.
  3. Capt. John Winder (1635-Cumberland, England to 1698-Maryland) to Dr. John H. Winder, Gen. William Winder, Gov. Levin Winder and others.
  4. Richard Wynder (1509-Sussex, England) to John Rex Winder (1821-Kent, England to 1910-SLC, Utah) to Rex Parker Winder (Utah).
  5. John Thomas Winder (before 1815-Holland to 1836-PA) to Thomas Harrison Winder (Eastern Idaho) to Senator Chuck Winder of Idaho (his father was Henry James Winder).

Genetic testing indicates that the first two branches are related.  It is thought that Thomas' descendant Daniel Winder (1763-MD to 1795-MD) may be an ancestor of James Winders since he has three untraced children.  Further research is necessary to confirm that hypothesis.  Both branches are part of the Beatty line which originated in England close to the Scottish border.

The third branch/tree also originated in northern England near the Scottish border, specifically in Cumberland County which is now part of Cumbria County.  It may be related to the first two, as well.  We've been contacted by one of its descendants and are hopeful that he will have his DNA tested so that we can determine whether or not the branches are indeed related.

The fourth branch has a long history in southern England about 300 miles from the Scottish border and the fifth branch comes from Holland.  Both of them didn't move to America until the 19th century and did so as part of the Mormon migration.  The surname of the fourth was also spelled differently originally so it seems unlikely to be related to the other English branches, unless it was before the 16th century.